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Give me 30 minutes of your time and begin a process that will transform your life!

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Are you one of the millions struggling to manage physical and psychological pain? Do you want relief, and to achieve complete body confidence?
At ToughLove we’ve made it our mission to understand you, the world we live in - and why NOW is the most important time in history to address it.
Life Coach Bracknell
Justin Gouldson - Dip Hyp
Bracknell - Ascot - Virginia Water - Sunningdale
Online - Home - Gym - Outdoors
John Maxwell Certification Programme
Personal Training - Life Coach - Hypnotherapy
Member of CIMSPA and U.K Coaching (R0009288)
Poliquin BioSignature Practitioner Level 2
Dip Hyp and Member of Hypnotherapy Society
John Maxwell Certification Programme

  • 1. Know Who You Are
  • 2. Know Where You Are
  • 3. Know How You Feel
  • 4. Optimise Your Health And Physical Appearance
  • 5. Relationships - Love, Unity, Trust And Family
  • 6. Home - Sanctuary
  • 7. Business - Health And Wealth
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    How can I help you transform your life?

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    Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Counsellor in Bracknell
    ToughLove draws on my 30 years of experience in personal training, life coaching, and psychotherapy (counselling, therapy and hypnotherapy), to offer a holistic approach to improving your wellbeing; physically, mentally and spiritually. Together, we'll address the underlying issues that led you to where you are today, and then seek to transform you into your best self ever.
    Justin Gouldson

    How I can help you

    • Achieve your health, fitness and body shape goals.
    • Obtain a healthy work-life balance.
    • Address and overcome any unresolved issues from your past.
    • Navigate a sudden unpredictable change in your personal situation.
    • Manage the day to day pressures and demands of starting and running a successful business.
    • Offer unconditional support throughout major illness.
    • Help you find peace during times of personal loss.
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    Today is the day you begin your journey to your best self ever!

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    Take that first step towards your best self ever by accepting my offer of a free no-obligation 30 minute consultation to discuss your hopes, dreams and goals.
    Fill in the contact form below and I will be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time.


    speech marks The experience of having Justin as my personal trainer has been life changing for me speech marks Jorn A. Berget
    Executive Vice President BG Group
    speech marks Justin is at the pinnacle of his career and shows a complete knowledge and education of his industry L.W
    speech marks Bottom line, this guy gets results and meets goals, the difference is they are your goals not his. A. Binding
    speech marks After three weeks I was already seeing the benefits both physically and mentally. speech marks S. Hessian
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