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ToughLove offers personal training, life coaching and hypnotherapy in Ascot, Bracknell, Windsor, Virginia Water, Sunningdale, and the surrounding areas. This holistic approach to mental and physical wellbeing gets results. Fast.

Our reality is shaped by our past experiences, our present situations and our hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future. It makes sense then that we address the past, present and future in a holistic manner when seeking self-improvement be that physical, psychological or spiritual.

By combining personal training, life coaching and hypnotherapy, ToughLove stands in a unique position to help you do exactly that.

Our goal is to see you take your life to the next level!

Meet ToughLove's Justin Gouldson

My career in fitness began on Oct 19th, 1990 at the age of 17. An opportunity to work in an exclusive health club in Marlow, Buckinghamshire mysteriously appeared. The advert for the position wanted someone of 25 years of age, with industry experience. Within 30 minutes of interviewing successfully, I had an open doorway into a career that aligned me with my life’s purpose. Fortunately, the conversation about age didn’t come up. Not until 4 weeks after! That’s another story. Splendid years in fitness zoomed by, and gave way to a well rounded and refined, results-based formula that got men and women into stunning shape.

In 2005/6, mysteriously those results seemed to grind to a halt. All of a sudden the world was experiencing a skyrocketing rise in obesity and serious issues around declines in mental health. Yet, I knew for a fact that people were active, eating well, exercising frequently, yet experiencing significant burnout at the same time.

So. What did people do?

They pushed themselves even harder up stress mountain. Sometimes a person can be so stressed, for so long, they don’t notice that a subtle shift in direction can lead to experiencing, extraordinary, life changing results.

In 2006, In order to understand and process my concerns, I added psychologically and hypnotherapy to my personal tool box, confirming the significance of addressing a whole person, as opposed to just the physical. The physical alone was simply adding even more stress to men, women, and young adults who existed in a yo-yo state of fear, overwhelm, worry and anxiety. The financial elite, have both feet pressed firmly down on the psychological accelerator of distress. World over!

Now in 2023, it’s highly evident (at least to me) where the cause of global distress and turmoil comes from. It almost got me. The same web of distress that shook the life and soul out of our parents, parents. People, who didn’t have access to the kind of resources we do today. Read that last sentence again. In our own healing and pursuit of forgiveness, it’s important to imagine life through their eyes.

At ToughLove we talk into the reality of what’s going on

Life is difficult! Even more so when the narrative being sold, ‘usually doom’, is guiding people towards the edge of a cliff.

It’s exhausting! And every act, has a consequence. Not necessarily instantaneously but eventually. Karma is a dark horse, and no one is invincible - no matter how much money, or power they have!

Put things into perspective, focus, find out who you are, address what needs to be addressed - and take full control of your life.

Learn the power of saying - No!

Ladies and gentlemen, please, from this moment forward - study the world, focus on what’s happening, get off social media sites that are stealing your time. Switch off mainstream news, and seek your world news from alternate, trusted resources.

ToughLove is here for you

A non judgemental, powerful resource that will stand by your side through good times, and bad. Through struggles and realisations, through wins and celebrations.

For life!

My closing question to you is...

What slice of the pie are you bringing to the table?

Everything we do, is in creation of a better world.


Where We Go One We Go All. WWG1WGA.

I’m Justin Gouldson - a sincere welcome to ToughLove!

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For Ian - Taken at 04:30am, on 30/07/2023. A close friend, a special client and one of the kindest people I’ve ever had the privilege to have met. Mate, I’m sorry. I only wish I knew then, what I know now. Wherever you are, I hope you’re sat with my dad, my wife’s dad, Vince, Bruce, George and all the other men that have had such a powerful impact on my life. George, take care of him.

Justin Gouldson - Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Counsellor


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  • Member of CIMSPA and U.K Coaching (R0009288)
  • Dip Hyp and Member of Hypnotherapy Society
  • Poliquin BioSignature Practitioner Level 2
  • John Maxwell Coaching Certification Programme