ToughLove Programme Pillar 3 - Know How You Feel

Hypnotherapy is probably the most powerful, natural, mind-body healing tool you can utilise to not only prepare and navigate this storm, but also to learn how to relax, dump stress, calm down your mind, restore the quality of the relationship you have with yourself, and embrace a new way of life that’s on the horizon.

Based on the truth, create your own reality!

At ToughLove, we understand pain

We know what it’s like to feel lost, hurt, ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated. Feeling overwhelmed, insignificant, alone, loathing the way we look, constantly bombarded with images that portray the perfect life, body, relationship, car, home, holiday... We know what it’s like for relationships to fail, for families to split up, for our homes and everything we know to be dismantled. We know what it’s like to lose someone we love, or, have someone taken from us.

We also know what it feels like to be at the end, and, to take it a step further.

Trust me - we know how you feel.

The ToughLove Pillar 3 encapsulates life. All of it.

It also speaks into, and offers support on the darkness that’s currently sweeping across the world. No country is excluded. Hence the sensitivity of the process.

Work with me. Let’s form an understanding of how, and why you feel the way you do. Sitting quietly, we will allow the process of healing based hypnosis to free your mind and body from turmoils that have perhaps been sabotaging your life for decades.

Be willing to shed your fears. Be willing to do what’s so hard to do - Trust.

The world needs you.

We need you.

And there are people around you who need you.

A hypnotherapist local to Bracknell, Ascot and Virginia Water

ToughLove's Justin Gouldson is a trained hypnotherapist and a Member of the Hypnotherapy Society. He has 30 years experience of working with men, women, and families in the Bracknell area, including Ascot, Sunningdale and Virginia Water.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation and find the relief out of the clutches of stress, fear, worry and anxiety that are haunting you like a ghost.

That ghost, only lives in your mind, and is actually created - by you.

Prepare for what the world will soon reveal, and get yourself in a psychological / emotional space where you have control over your life.

Now’s the time, to hand back the baggage of negatively-labelled lead bricks to the person/s it belongs to. Whether still alive, or not.

Welcome to ToughLove.

I look forward to hearing you.

If you’re struggling, need help or would like any further information please contact me either through the contact form button above or by calling me personally on 07899 987368. If for any reason I’m unable to take your call please leave your name and contact number and I will return your call as soon as I can.
Hypnotherapist Bracknell

Feedback from a client after their first experience with hypnotherapy:-

speech marks During my own therapeutic journey, (my natural feelings of scepticism) for this form of therapy instantly vanished the moment I felt my mind and body relax. In doing so, I began feeling years of pent up, overwhelming feelings of stress, worry and anxiety simply drift away.

Even after my first appointment, upon awakening I couldn’t believe the contrast in just how different I felt.

Not only do I now have an effective way of dealing with stressful situations, I have a completely different relationship with myself. No longer allowing my own needs to sit at the bottom of the ladder.
speech marks L.W

More than a hypnotherapist

What allows Justin to truly make a difference to your life is that he is also a certified life coach and qualified personal trainer. Its this holistic approach to addressing the emotional, psychological and physical needs that may be holding you back that will allow you to be successful in life. The results can be truly transformational as you will discover for yourself when you experience some ToughLove.