Why You Need A Personal Trainer

ToughLove Pillar 4 - Optimising Your Health And Overall Physical Appearance

Your human body is not only a master piece, it’s a miracle!


As a result of decades of psychological and emotional distress, people have no idea how physically tired and exhausted they truly are. They then proceed with workouts and training regimes that are often too intense, unsuitable, and fail to deliver the desired results. Some people quit, some people push themselves even harder, ultimately increasing stress levels.

With the help of an experienced personal trainer, you will get in the best shape of your life, learn to manage pain, and regain control of your health and physical appearance.

A human being can only take so much stress, before the platoon of stress hormones begins to burnout. This is currently where people are.

It’s impossible to maintain a status of homeostasis, when the mind, body and spirit exist in a perpetual state of engineered distress.

Physical, psychological and emotional dis-stress - clocks up life miles, quicker than most people realise. How often do you arrive at the end of a tired week, yet wonder where the week has gone. Barely a second of time left over for yourself. Yet somehow, you’re expected to be somebody. Even after trying to juggle all the balls that formulate your current reality.

We are seeking - significant changes in all aspects of our wellbeing. But, for it to be result based, it has to be carefully structured around you.

A new beginning for your mind, body and soul

For your own safety, motivation, maximum results and enjoyment - The first, and most important components of any fitness regime are:-

  • Addressing any tight, tense muscle groups.
  • Strengthening, stabilising and re-balancing of your spine and core muscles.
  • Fixing your hydration. Your body is at least 75% water!
  • Ensuring that your training regime is designed around you and your current ability: not the abilities of your trainer.
  • Education on what foods and drinks are likely to derail your progress and disrupt your results.
Before embarking on a programme of weights and resistances, we will fix the above - otherwise, we risk building in additional issues.

Simply jumping straight into a training programme consisting of weights and cardio vascular intensities, will inevitably lead to injuries, time off for physio, and false confirmation that the ‘gym’ doesn’t work.

A body for life!

With ToughLove, you will embark on a personal training journey that will change your life and hand you the blueprint of the route you took to achieve it. Age is merely a number, but what’s important is to look after the body in our younger years so we can enjoy the freedom and independence of retirement. Echoing the choices we can make today. Doing the right exercises, at the right time in life is crucial to ensure you can continue doing the things you love. With the people you love.

It can work, it does work, and will work for you!

But it needs to be done right, and needs to be structured around You.

At ToughLove, we will cross the finish line together!

Are you ready to take action? Are you local to the Bracknell, Ascot, Virginia Water, Sunningdale and Windsor area? If so, I’d like to offer you a free 30 minute personal trainer consultation to discuss your requirements.

Today, let’s find out where you are, start communicating, and get you on track to your desired results.

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More than a personal trainer

ToughLove's Justin Gouldson is a member of CIMSPA and U.K Coaching (R0009288). He has 30 years experience of working as a personal trainer with men, women, and families in the Bracknell area, including Ascot, Sunningdale and Virginia Water.

What makes Justin different is that he is also a qualified hypnotherapist (Dip Hyp) and life coach, and it is his holistic approach to wellness that allows him to address not only your physical needs, but your psychological and emotional needs too.

The results can be truly transformational as you will discover for yourself when you experience some ToughLove.
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